Hello all,

My name is Tessa and I am the partner of a FTM transgender. My partner and I have been together for three years and we have recently started the journey of transitioning. In the process of looking for information on the transition we realized the information out there is limited and even more so for their partners. We decided to start this blog to provide information and support through our journey. My partner and I will both post on this blog with our own experiences, perspectives, and advice. We are not professionals and the information that is available here is simply that that we have acquired through personal research or experience. Today was the first day that we met with the therapist to begin the process, so anyone that reads this is beginning the process with us. I know blogging can seem silly, vain, or dumb (I used to be such person that thought this) but this is a way for us to express ourselves while hopefully helping at least one person. Transitioning is not an easy decision and if you are in the process of transitioning, have already transitioned, or thinking about transitioning just know that you are not alone.


Always be kind- T


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