Starting the Process

Okay! So for any of you looking to start the process of transitioning it can be a little overwhelming. Between finding out what you need to get done in order to get others done and what all you want from the experience. First, what do you want? Only you know exactly what you want from the experience. I suggest to look for therapists first. There are rules for all different states but most of the time it is going to begin with a therapist and a diagnosis of gender dysphoria. Crazy right? Make sure that you look into several therapists before you decide on one and do your research. There are many therapists that specialized in helping transgenders and are willing to work with you and your partner. While you are looking for your therapist begin to look for a surgeon. Again, research is very important. Not every surgeon performs gender surgeries so look online. Look for pictures and reviews, when you call to schedule a consultation make sure to take in account the attitude of the office, and try to have a support person with you. There will be measurements taken which can be stressful and embarrassing. Those are the first two steps. To talk with a therapist and to look into surgeons. Now we like to plan ahead and be prepared so we have done a little more research into the process. You need to make you that you know the risks and the benefits of the hormones and the surgeries. Check out what your insurance covers. Our insurance does not cover sessions with the therapist, the surgery, or the hormones so financial preparation is important. There are grants and loans that are available for the surgeries its just a matter of finding what is available in your area. Unfortunately for the therapist and the hormones we have yet to find help for those and are paying out of pocket at the moment. Tyson will explain the appointment process, i’m just here for those of you that like to plan ahead and who are also a little controlling and like to know what to expect. There are going to be a lot of different steps and many will be done at the same time. In our experience we went to the consultation and found out what he needed and went tot the therapists to start the process for the HRT letter. (hormone replacement therapy) We are now looking into a surgeon and scheduling a consultation due to not feeling completely comfortable with the first surgeon.

All of this can seem overwhelming. You can do this. I’m hoping we can break it up into a few steps at a time and if anyone has transitioned before and has advice don’t be shy. As i’ve said, we are not professionals and living this day to day. Always be kind- T.

Above is a link for Transgender Standards of Care. Please read it.



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