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A Princess That Believes She Can Be A Knight

Six-year-old ‘Phoebe’s’ first fantasy auto-biography. A gruesomely slow-moving 7 page tale about a princess who wants to become a knight. It is so slow moving that I will summarize for you.

The Tale- a princess asks her royal parents to be a knight, they say it is not possible because she does not have a horse and this mystery “thing” the queen references.  The princess slays a dragon- still a no go on the man-o. The princess ponders what this “thing” is and eventually her hair falls out and the story abruptly ends.

The Reality- a six-year-old chubby tomboy can’t figure out why she…is a she.

So my 6 year old self was honest with herself in one area. See Figure 1.

Fig 1.